Car Polish

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CASPOL car polish are technically advanced products specially engineered for cars. CASPOL car polish contain synthetic technology as our famous C4 formula.
CASPOL car polish also include a custom blend of emulsifiers. These emulsifier gently condition and maintain car’s paint. CASPOL polish quickly remove fine swirl marks , scuffs and other minor blemishes while coat your paint with durable protection Most car can be treated without heavy rubbing.
Direction for use

  • Wash the car (preferably with Caspol car shampoo) & wipe dry with a clean cloth
  • Dampen the provided sponge applicator
  • Apply polish with the sponge applicator using circular motions to one section (panel) at a time
  • Allow brief drying & wipe off the cream with soft clean & dry cloth to a brilliant shine. Close the lid airtight. Don't keep it open after polishing.

For Best Results

  • Do not use/apply under direct sunlight
  • Not recommended for use on vinyl wood panels plastic parts etc
  • Protect from frost



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